Miami Shell Construction Contractors

For a combined four decades Richard and Rice has served developers and general contractor as a shell contactor in the Miami – Dade County area. Our Miami shell contracting services include from ground up foundation construction, to roof truss fabrication and installation. We have teams of skilled custom carpentry professionals who meet the precise needs of Miami and South Florida’s most accomplished custom builders and developers. (See list of Richard and Rice developer clients) Richard and Rice provides shell contracting for; multi-family apartment construction and single family homes in some of the largest and most successful developments in Dade county. Our commercial construction division provides shell contraction for both light commercial, retail and industrial building sites in South Florida.

Richard and Rice’s long track record has made a significant contribution to the home building and commercial business community in Miami and beyond. We have successfully worked on hundreds of development projects and at thousands of worksites throughout Florida.

We work with some of the largest developers in the nation, as well as many niche high end custom home designers and builders. Regardless of the scale of your project, we have the construction talent, resources, equipment and construction management expertise to get the job done right, on budget and on time.

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Richard and Rice – Miami  Construction Foundation Services

The type of foundation construction services that Richard and Rice provides consist are two specific categories, shallow and deep foundations.

Miami Shallow Foundation Contracting

Shallow foundations are normally used in residential construction and commercial construction where the weight of the structure is not too heavy or where the shallow subsurface soil conditions are suitable to support the structures design. This is normally the less expensive foundation when compared to a deep foundation. Typical shallow foundation types utilized in Florida are the following: slab-on-grades, strip footings, mat/raft foundations, and pad foundations.

Miami Deep Foundation Construction Services

Deep foundations are commonly used for larger structures such as commercial or industrial buildings. These types of foundations distribute the structural loads to bedrock or competent soil where a shallow foundation is inadequate/where the shallow soil is unable to accept the construction weight load. There are many types of deep foundations that the Richard and Rice construction team is experienced with which include drilled shafts, driven piles, and micro-piles. Deep foundations are normally constructed by drilling to a set depth and creating either a zone of influence in the soil or a column for a load to be applied to. Richard and Rice has the expertise and resources to implement cost effective solutions for most deep foundation design projects.

Whether it be large multi-story building or an expansive residential home construction development Richard and Rice has the manpower, heavy equipment resources and logistical expertise to meet both your budget and construction deadline.

Contact the Richard and Rice Miami Foundation Construction Service team today at 954-418-9831. Learn home we can play an important role in your Miami shell construction project.

Richard and Rice – Miami Fl Construction Masonry Services

Three major types of masonry walls built in Florida

The first type of masonry wall is called a single wythe masonry wall and, as the name suggests, it is constructed of a single wythe or “layer” of masonry.  Typically, building one layer or wall of masonry is much more cost effective and suitable for most Miami construction projects when water penetration is not a significant concern.

The second type of masonry wall is the double wythe cavity wall contains a drainage/air space between two separate wythes or “layers” of masonry.   Water that makes it through the first wythe runs down the back side of the wall and is discharged to the exterior through flashing and weeps. The double wythe wall is acknowledged by many construction design experts as gold standard for exterior walls that need the maximum protection from water intrusion. Single wythe walls are usually 2 to 4 inches thinner than double wythe walls.

The third type of masonry wall and most common in the Miami Florida area is concrete block that has applied stucco. With this construction method, the bonded stucco layer becomes the primary defense against water intrusion. Stucco and block masonry construction is cost effective and aesthetically suitable for many exterior designs.   A wide variety of stone and brick composites are also available to provide architectural design elements giving the homeowner an enhanced custom exterior.

South Florida Masonry Construction: Fire Safety and Hurricane Wind Durability

Benefits of Masonry construction

  • Masonry is non-combustible, so improves fire protection for the building and its occupants. Fireplaces are commonly made of masonry for the same reason.
  • Masonry offers a high resistance against rot, pests, weather, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Being durable and resistant, masonry can withstand large amounts of compressive weight loads.
  • Masonry units increase the thermal mass of a building.
  • Masonry buildings have longer lifespans than any other building type.
  • Masonry structures can provide an attractive aesthetic or elegant look for a home or building.

Many homes built in Miami since Hurricane Andrew are cinder block masonry construction reinforced with concrete pillars, hurricane-strapped roof trusses, built according to updated codes requirements.  Hurricane ties nail into the wall and wrap over the trusses to provide higher force resistance than prior roof construction methods.

Richard and Rice provides Florida Hurricane code compliant concrete block construction, brick and stone masonry services to general contractors throughout the Miami – South Florida area.

Richard and Rice – Miami Carpentry Services

Miami Truss Carpentry Framing

Truss construction is the dominant method of roof framing used in residential homes in the Miami Florida area. The big benefit of utilizing roof trusses in architecture is the ability to span long distances. Large open interior space has given home builders and designers a great variety of custom and creative floor plan alternatives to homeowners.

Benefits of Truss Carpentry:

  • Trusses are incredibly strong.
  • You can have just about any shape custom-built, and this allows interesting features like cathedral ceilings at low cost.
  • You can span a large distance with a truss and the truss transmits all of the weight to the exterior walls. Therefore, none of the interior walls are “load-bearing,” so they can go anywhere and can be moved later.

For over 4 decades Richard and Rice has met the expanding design requirements of truss carpentry in Miami, Florida homes and multi-family housing units. We build to South Florida’s rigorous hurricane wind code requirements.

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Miami Florida Custom Home Construction Carpentry

Miami home architects and designers are constantly improving and developing innovative home design features. For these creative designs to be built, it requires a dependable team of highly skilled carpenters.  Complex staircases, vaulted ceilings and archways all require significant carpentry experience and expertise. For over 40 decades Richard and Rice has supplied expert carpentry craftsmen to meet the demands of the most challenging carpentry custom design projects. Our carpentry teams deliver the essential craftsmanship required by the highest quality homes built in the Miami Florida area.

Richard and Rice – Miami Construction Management Service

Your Richard and Rice Construction Manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising projects from the beginning to the end. In short, a construction project manager takes care of the following:

  • Create budget and negotiate delivered cost estimates.
  • Arrange the work timetables.
  • Choose the most efficient construction method and strategies.
  • Stay in touch with the clients for work or budget-related issues.
  • Discuss technical and contract details with workers and other professional parties.
  • Supervise personnel and manage the craftsmen on the construction worksite.

The experienced construction management team of Richard and Rice for over 40 years has delivered quality shell contracting services, with high cost efficiency and jobsite safety to the Miami developer community. We understand the demands of today’s competitive marketplace for home builders and light commercial construction companies. Let us show you how we can assist in meeting your development goals on budget and on time.

Call Richard and Rice – Miami Fl Shell Contracting Experts today at 954-418-9831. Talking to Richard and Rice representative give you your project the shell construction manpower it needs.

Richard and Rice has earned the trust, confidence of many of Miami’s and Florida’s most premiere builders including;  Lennar Homes, Beazer Homes, K. Hovnanian, Toll Brothers, Pulte Home Group, D.R. Horton, , David Weekley, Standard Homes, Taylor Morrison, Kolter Homes, Mattamy Homes,  WCI Communities and many other regional custom builders and General Contractors throughout the state of Florida.

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